Vendor Spotlight | Amy Lynn Larwig-Nashville MUA

A week or two ago, I posted an image from the promo pictures we had taken by our good friends at Phindy Studios (still owe you a post with more of those!). Well, when we were preparing for that session, I knew I wanted to have my make up done, because I am just really not great at doing my own make up. I hardly ever wore make up (probably because I never even remember my mom wearing it!), and the last time I had someone teach me how to apply make up was probably a Mary Kay rep some time in junior high haha.

Enter Amy Lynn Larwig, Nashville make up artist extraordinaire! I had met Amy Lynn before, and seen TONS of her beautiful work on various friends and brides (in fact, she will be doing the make up for our gorgeous Nashville bride Lindsay in July!). Amy Lynn is super sweet and fun, and I knew she would be the perfect person to help me with my make up dilemma.

Unfortunately, she was already booked for the day we had our session scheduled. But never fear…Amy Lynn also offers Glam Sessions, which is what we ended up doing! Amy Lynn went through all the make up I currently own (and was nice enough to not laugh at me ;-)), and taught me how to apply make up (for every day wear and for our photo shoot). She would do one half of my face, and have me practice on the other. She also made me a list of things to supplement my current make up supply, including items that are a good idea to splurge on (SmashBox halo powder is my favorite splurge item!), and things that are ok to save a few $$ on (ELF eyeliner from Target!). She also helped me with contouring, and showing me shades of eye shadow that would help my eyes stand out the best, which was awesome.

I was going to post a before and after photo…but ya’ll…if I posted the before, I’m pretty sure it would scare children πŸ˜‰ Haha. (The day we did our glam session, our home was having the water worked on, and therefore, no water to shower with…not pretty.) So, I’ll just post an after image close up on my glam eyes (we did an every day look and a more glam look). One of my favorite parts is that my under eye circles (which were definitely out in full force that day!) are GONE. No retouching in Photoshop!

And that is some extreme close up-ness! Woah.

I may not have done 100% the job Amy Lynn could have done for our photo session, but I can guarantee you it was 1000x better than I would have done on my own!

Brides: I highly recommend finding a good make up artist for your wedding! You will feel amazing, and with your MUA’s help, will be perfectly camera ready πŸ™‚ I had a fantastic experience with Amy Lynn, and if she’s not available for your day, you should definitely look into doing a Glam Session with her. Totally worth it!

Thanks, Amy Lynn for helping me out with my make up dilemma! You rock πŸ™‚

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!




P.S. I already had this post set for today, but Amy Lynn is also featured on The Bride Room blog today! Go check out to find out more about Amy Lynn and her favorite make up trends! Also check out Amy Lynn’s blog for more of her work and some 2 minute tutorials!

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