Nashville Wedding Podcast – Episode 103 – Out Of The Box Wedding Ideas With Abi Hellmich From Bright Event Productions

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Happy Tuesday!!

I trust that the week has been treating you well so far! It is Tuesday and that means a brand new episode of The Nashville Wedding Podcast! On today’s episode I talk with Abi Hellmich from Bright Event Productions! We love Bright and everything they do (which is SO much more than lighting, btw) and we’re always excited to work with them at weddings and events. We’re going to talk about:

– Why Nashville is the IT city for weddings

– How lighting can transform a space and why it’s important

– What all goes into making that Pinterest photo happen (Abi’s Blog Post)

– Out of the box ideas for your guests to do in nashville

– Wedding Trends for 2018

– The biggest thing that sets the wedding industry in Nashville apart from other places

Here’s a few links to things we talk about:

Bright Event Productions

Centennial Park 

George Jones Museum 

Thanks so much, Abi!

Let us know what you think and what was most helpful to you from our conversation with Abi!


Chris (& Jen) 🙂

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