Nashville Wedding Podcast – Episode 102: Setting Goals For Your Dream Wedding With CJ Dickson from CJ’s Off The Square

Nashville Wedding Podcast, Cj

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

I hope you’re all enjoying this perfect weather today (in Nashville at least). On today’s episode of The Nashville Wedding Podcast, I get to sit down with our friend and owner of CJ’s Off The Square–CJ Dickson! We talk about many things on this show! Things like:

-Thinking about flow and energy of your wedding

-How to get hesitant grooms involved with wedding planning

-Conflicts that come up during a wedding and how to talk through them

-Setting goals for your wedding day

-What weddings should actually be about

-Creating your guiding principles for your wedding

Here’s a few links to things we talk about:

CJ’s Off The Square
Red Pony
Frothy Monkey (a personal fav of ours)
McConnell House
Downtown Franklin

It’s all so good and I’m excited for you all to hear it! Let us know what you think and what was most helpful to you from the interview!


Chris (& Jen) 🙂

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