Nashville Wedding Podcast – Episode 101: Planning A Wedding That’s Yours With Becca & Jessie Modern Vintage Events


Hello my friends!

This is the the first episode of the Nashville Wedding Podcast. On this show we give you exclusive access to local experts to give you great advice as you plan your wedding in this crazy awesome town. We believe that Nashville does weddings well, and we want to share what makes this such a special place. Hear expert advice from the people who make weddings happen: venue owners, bands, lighting designers, planners, and more!

On this episode, I got to sit down with our friends Becca and Jessie of Modern Vintage events. They’re wedding planners and designers here in Nashville and we’ve been lucky enough to work with them on several events and projects. They have some fantastic advice that comes out in this conversation!

Things like:

-The VERY FIRST thing you should do when you start wedding planning?
-What to do when you get in the “weeds” with wedding planning
-Best rehearsal dinner spots in Nashville
-How to have a wedding that feels like you
-Best taco shop in Nashville

And so much more!

Other things we talked about in the show that I wanted to include a link to here:

Their podcast: Planning and Prosecco


Tennessee Brewworks


Enjoy the show!

Chris (& Jen)



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