Nashville Wedding Photographers | Best of 2013

Nashville Wedding Photographers | Best of 2013


So I know we are more than  halfway through January already, but this is our official Happy 2014 to everyone! I hope the year is treating you well so far! We’ve had plans for a best of 2013 wedding & couple images post for a few weeks, but due to a few crazy weeks (thank you, polar vortex for the burst pipe) and being completely overwhelmed by the images of all the amazing people we got to photograph last year, it took a little longer than expected 🙂

It is so crazy to me that at this time last year, these images didn’t exist, and we hadn’t even met some of these people yet! We are so incredibly overwhelmed with gratitude for every single person who gave us the opportunity to create for them, and who trusted us with their memories. It was also a big year with the launch of our new brand, which we still love, a little bit of travel, lots of personal growth and learning, and just overall awesome-ness!

Believe it or not, that gallery at the bottom IS the narrowed down version 😉 But we wanted to start off with a few images that represent things we loved about 2013!


Relaxed & natural couples sessions: We love nothing more than photographing a couple who is just hanging out, being them, and being in love while we happen to be there with cameras. There’s just something so real about it that really resonates with us, and accounts for some of our all time favorite images!


Moments of anticipation: There’s so much energy on a wedding day! The moments of anticipation and excitement that always happen are so intense to witness, and we love being able to capture that feeling in a single image.


Creative portraits: We feel that there is no higher praise than when our couples trust us 100% to create something unique for them. You be in love, and we’ll do the rest!


Quiet moments of connection: I’m not sure if that’s the best “title” for what I mean. But there’s always these little moments throughout the day where the bride and groom come together, and for that moment, it’s just them. Them in love. Getting married. Committing to each other. We usually see it during the reception, where there’s a million other things going on, but they have eyes only for each other as they take in the day! Love it.


Epic photos: Enough said, right? 😉


Families soaking in the day: It makes me so happy to see family and friends soaking in the day and having an amazing time right along with the bride and groom! We’re so thankful to everyone who made us feel part of their family during their big day this year!


The in-between: You really never know what’s going to happen during a wedding day! Love all the fun, funny, out of the ordinary, sweet, and emotional moments we get to document through the course of a wedding day!


Travel: Travel is such a HUGE inspiration to us. The opportunity to see a new place with new eyes with new people is so incredible. Add in some of relaxed and natural images of an awesome couple and it’s even better!


Gorgeous light: Oh goodness…I love me some pretty light! Pretty much guarantees that I’m going to be jumping up and down with excitement about an image!


Amazing parties: SO many incredible receptions this year! Our couples know how to throw (and enjoy!) a party! Photographing people having fun, and being surprised by some ridiculously awesome dance moves our couples have, was definitely a great time!

Now onto some of our favorites of the year! It was SO hard to even narrow it down this far, and it was so great to go back and re-live all the amazing moments. Enjoy!

Thank you so much to everyone for stopping by, and an extra thank you to anyone who ever has been or will be in front of our cameras. You all are amazing! We hope your 2014 is full of love and adventure!



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4 Responses

  1. Ah, Jen and Chris! The first time I saw our images it was that one of me getting ready (42 here) which set off a full day of happy tears. I love that you can see my mom’s hands, and her wedding rings, as she lovingly sews me into her mom’s wedding dress. Those moments with her, and this image, will forever be burned into my mind. You captured the joy and anticipation of that moment, and the rest of our amazing day, so perfectly! Coran and I can never thank you enough. Happy new year, and happy new creating! We hope it’s a wonderful one for you, and hope we’ll see you soon!

  2. You guys really are the best!! We can’t stop looking at our photo album and remembering all the emotional/crazy/hilarious moments you captured so perfectly for us. We are so lucky to have such amazing pictures to look back on and are so glad to have met such awesome people!

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