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Some of my favorite memories of spending time with my family involve those late nights when someone pulls out the old box of family photos. You know the one–it’s usually a little dinged up, the pictures contained inside are in no order whatsoever, and when you start going through, there’s no telling if you’re going to see your parents during their dating years, yourself as a baby asleep on dad’s chest, or those embarrassing outfits from middle school. We’d all sit back and flip through various stacks, usually laughing hysterically at one family member or another, and reminiscing about all the trees that used to be in the yard, how ridiculously long mom’s hair used to be, or that time we went to Six Flags just prior to a tropical storm (no lines-it was awesome!). Sure, the posed school pictures and church directory photos make an appearance as well, but the most loved ones are the ones that show us doing real life things. The ones that show what real life looked like for us for that moment in time.

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For Chris and I, that world of family picture night had been separate from the kind of photography we do for a long time. If you’ve been around our blog long though, you have heard us talk about and seen our pictures of the Richmond family. Being allowed the opportunity to document their story really awakened a hunger and urgency in us to document these real life moments not just for ourselves, but for our clients. It’s pushed us to be better in all areas–from our personal work to our wedding work and everything in between. There’s something so beautiful about all the little moments of now, in their own peaceful, chaotic, dinged up, adventure filled way. And that’s what Love is Enough is about. It’s about capturing what you want to remember most about a particular stage in your life–your son’s love of story time, the house where you live and love, your favorite spot in your new city, your daughter’s love of dress up. That maybe the house isn’t always perfectly spotless, but the hours spent in couch cushion forts are worth it. It’s not about the trendiest props, or wearing those fancy clothes you pull out maybe once a year, it’s about comfortable real life. Capturing the memories that will go in your own photo box, to one day be pulled out and reminisced over and laughed about đŸ™‚

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Whatever the size of your family–if it’s just the two of you, or maybe a dog or cat or 3, or a whole houseful of kids, we would love the chance to document your life! What are the things you want to remember most about your life right now, to pull out of that dinged up photo box 20 years down the road?

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