How to Take Amazing Ring Photos | From Anne Ruthmann

Two posts in one day, what are we going to do?! I have been wanting to post a link and blurb from this article for a long time but keep forgetting. Anne Ruthmann is an absolutely phenomenal photographer who currently resides in Boston, MA. She is so full of life, and one of the best “lovecats” (information sharer!) in the industry. I’ve never met her in person, but read her blogs every chance I can get haha.

Anyway, she posted this article on her blog back in December, titled “How to Take Amazing Engagement and Wedding Ring Photos” that I wanted to pass along to all my blog followers, particurlarly those recently or soon to be engaged!

Here’s the highlights, but make sure you check out the original article from Anne for all her commentary!

1. Take Off Your Ring
2. Find a Cool Background or Set Up
3. Find Good Light
4. Set it up
5. Set Your Camera to Macro Mode
6. Get Closer
7. Just Shoot It
8. Edit
9. Share it with the World!

Just for fun…here is a shot of mine and my husbands rings, by our fabulous wedding photographer Krystal Mann of Mint and Sage Photographic Artists.

So, go forth, and take pictures of your pretty shiny rings! 🙂

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