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It’s really such an honor when people invite us into their homes to document what life looks like for them! We had such an amazing time this week hanging out with the Gordon family, their four kids, and their rescue pup Otis! They are such a sweet family, who value adventure, learning, music, and of course, each other, among many other things! Suzanna clearly so loves being a mom, and taking care of her family (and makes some of the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had!). Jonathan is always right there to cheer everyone on in their various sports and activities, and is also involved with Boy Scouts with the boys (and is just recently home from a canoe trip)! They are together raising truly awesome kids, and we are excited to share a few of our favorite images from the session!


Blanket fort? Awesome.

brothers throwing blankets brothers making a tent blanket fort kid playing drums watering the garden brothers playing guitar boys room kid playing acoustic guitar boys playing outside

The boys also built a pretty sweet tree fort out in the back yard!

Franklin family photographers building a tree fort mom pushing daugther on bike Franklin family photos dad and daughter

So sweet  🙂

brothers wrestling relaxed family photos family photos with dog candid family photography mom and dad portrait kid playing lacrosse

All three boys also play lacrosse!

childrens lacrosse lacrosse photos boy hugging pug girl stealing cookies

Thinking about sneaking a cookie  😉

mom painting daugther boys playing with legos pug photos

The chair where Suzanna starts every morning with her Bible. Love this!

pillow fight girl with beta fish boy rock collecting boy playing trumpet boys doing science experiments mom making cookies milk and cookies dad talking to sons bedtime stories

Gordon Family–thank you so much for hanging out with us, and for sharing your cookies and granola! You all are awesome, and we had such a great time!

Thanks everyone for stopping by the blog! Hope you’re having a great week!


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