Destination Vow Renewal | Katie & Matt’s Surprise Vow Renewal in Boulder, CO

A few months ago, I got an email from Katie, who had seen our blog post from a surprise vow renewal we had attended and took some photos of for some dear friends of ours. Katie and her husband Matt were planning a trip to Colorado to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary, and she was looking for some ideas for planning a surprise vow renewal. I was super excited, and we began exchanging emails, and ended up coming up with a plan and with Katie deciding to have us come out and photograph it! Her excitement was so contagious, and it was so sweet to see how excited she was for this trip with Matt!

Katie wanted to meet for hiking photos (and pretend THAT was the surprise), then go to another location where we would meet up with their officiant for the surprise vow renewal. Part of their trip was planned for Boulder, so we found a great hiking trail just outside Boulder (starting at the Centennial Trailhead), which had a lot of variety and some gorgeous light! Then we headed over to Chautauqua Park (and met up with their friend-of-a-friend, Dan, who officiated the vow renewal!), for their vow renewal to take place in front of the iconic Flatirons of Boulder. Even though Matt had figured out the surprise earlier in the day, it was a really sweet and special time. From a blind date to ten years of marriage and a few adorable kiddos, these two have clearly grown together, and just from the short amount of time we spent with them, their love is truly inspiring!

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Katie and Matt: Congratulations on 10 years of a beautiful marriage, and cheers to many, many, many more! Thanks so much for adventuring and sharing your story with us!

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