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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter weekend, everyone! I just wanted to put  up a quick note and apologize for the lack of blogging lately!View full post »

Happy Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day! I was never much of a math kid, but couldn’t resist a little blog post celebrating π in allView full post »

Having fun is good for your soul | A personal post

I always talk about how I want to do more personal posts on my blog, but never quite seem to know what to write! When IView full post »

Happy 2011! | Goodbye to 2010

Ah, yes. The obligatory happy new year post, full of thoughts and ramblings about the year just past! I always tend toView full post »

Songs for the Cure & Monday Musings

Welcome to Monday. Blustery, beautiful, fall Monday. I love fall! Most people seem to come alive in spring, when thingsView full post »

30 Days of Hope Show | The Listening Room

Last night was the 30 Days of Hope Show at The Listening Room in Nashville! September is Childhood Cancer AwarenessView full post »

Memorial Ride in Honor of SSG Shane J. Angell | With Love

Last weekend, September 11, I was on my way to Bardstown, Ky to second shoot a wedding. Such a joyous occasion, yet allView full post »


Meet Savannah. Yesterday, I met Savannah. A beautiful girl with blue eyes and the most gorgeous and contagious smileView full post »

A month in review | Why we love Nashville!

I can’t believe we have now lived in Nashville for over a month! (More like a month+week and a half!) How clicheView full post »

Thanks for your patience!

Hi all! Just wanted to put up a quick note to thank you all for your patience! Life is super exciting right now, weView full post »

Changes are Coming! | Nashville Wedding Photographers

For weeks I have been SO excited and so on edge about sharing this news, and waiting for when it would officially beView full post »

Defying Gravity | Some Monday Inspiration

Let me preface this by saying that we are way late to jump on the Wicked musical band wagon. Like….way behind theView full post »

A post about everything…and nothing.

Hello my lovely blog readers! It has been such a beautiful day! I hope everyone is having a relaxing Saturday eveningView full post »

Bowling Green Weddings | Kentucky Wedding Photographer

So, it’s for real been a super exciting few weeks around here 🙂 We have been so blessed! It seriously still blowsView full post »

Up is in for 2010!

As per the fabulous Jeffrey and Julia Woods, (and American Airlines) Up is in for 2010! 2010 has been such a wonderfulView full post »

Vacation Time!

Sometimes, we all just need a little vacation. Even though I pretty much have the best job on the face of the planet,View full post »

To brighten up your day | Hilton Head, SC

Hello everyone! So, I’m back! Woo hoo! My computer is up and running and although I’m still missing someView full post »

Jeffrey East | Live!

Tonight Chris and I and some friends went down to Nashville to hear our good friend Jeffrey East play his first showView full post »