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Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day, everyone! We just wanted to send a quick thank you to all of those who have fought and whoView full post »

New York State of Mind | Travel Photography

Hi friends! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today! In case you missed it last week, be sure to checkView full post »

Cannon Beach | What makes you come alive

One morning last July, we awoke to the ever obnoxious sound of the iPhone alarm, beeping way too early after a nightView full post »

The Artist Project | A What If

Wow. So I thought putting out the website (to no one) I’m about to talk about was nerve wracking. That’sView full post »

What If–the journey continues

Well, it’s 2:31 am in my current time zone, finally back home in Nashville. 2 hours later than the time zoneView full post »

The Richmond Family | Lifestyle Family Photography

I was going through old posts yesterday to find an image for yesterday’s blog post, and realized I never bloggedView full post »

Six and One

Nearly six months ago, Chris and I boarded an airplane for Mexico for the What If Conference. In one week, we board anView full post »

Pray for Tay

It always amazes me the way things happen and people become connected in life. Way back in 2009, before we ever hadView full post »

A trip to Asheville, NC

Hi Friends! I hope everyone has had a great Easter! A few weeks ago, Chris and I traveled to Asheville with our goodView full post »

Welcome home, Richmond Family!

2+ years since waiting to be matched to their baby. Years of prayers and tears and smiles and photos from afar. 4View full post »

Waiting for Lulu

This week marks the start of a new beginning, the end of a long wait, and an answer to thousands of hours of prayer forView full post »

Between who you are, and who you should be | Switchfoot Inspiration

One of my favorite bands right now is Switchfoot (fronted by Jon Foreman). I have to thank Chris Scott for this becauseView full post »

Life Lessons from “The Voice” | Being an Original

I have a confession. I LOVE reality tv. Particularly crappy “reality” tv. Pretty much every Monday eveningView full post »

Following your Bliss

So obviously, we’re photographers. That means we like taking pictures, right? Right. Sometimes though,View full post »

What If Conference Recap

I was going to ask Chris to write this post, recapping our time at the What If conference. After all, I told him allView full post »

What if…you decided not to be boring?

What if you went to a new city, and you were tired. And don’t like cities you don’t know in the dark. ButView full post »

Introducing: Something (kind of) new!

If you’re super observant, then you might have noticed some changes around the blog and website in the last fewView full post »