Carrie and Austin’s Outdoor Wedding | Bowling Green, KY

Carrie and Austin’s Outdoor Wedding | Bowling Green, KY

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I decided today that it is going to be wedding week on the blog! AKA, the week where I FINALLY get caught up on full blog posts for all the wonderful couples we photographed earlier this spring 🙂

To start us off, we’ve got Carrie and Austin, who were married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony in Bowling Green, KY back in May. Carrie and Austin have known each other practically forever–they met on the sidelines of a soccer field, where their younger siblings played on the same team. They dated in middle school. Then again in high school. Then again in college, and as Carrie put it, third time was a charm! They were both living in Lexington at the time, and part of their Saturday routine was to visit the farmer’s market. On one particular Saturday (12 hours after acquiring THE ring), Austin dragged Carrie to the farmer’s market at 8 am (since he had to work later), and there he proposed 🙂 And as he said in his vows, she’s the Pam to his Jim, the Sam to his Frodo, and the Chewy to his Solo!

Their wedding, which took place at Romanza Johnson Park in their home town of Bowling Green, was so perfectly THEM. Relaxed and full of fun, with lots of personal touches. Carrie loves to read, and the centerpieces were made of some of her favorite books. They wrote their own vows, which were sweet, meaningful, and of course included a little bit of ribbing about his love for Lord of the Rings vs. her love of Harry Potter. Life is a crazy adventure, but they wouldn’t want to go through it with anyone else!

So without further ado, here are some of our favorite images from the day!

Custom painted TOMS for wedding

I loved Carrie’s custom painted TOMS (by ArtfulSouls), and the bridesmaids all wore TOMS as well!

The cutest ring bearer and flower girl!

flower and book centerpieces

Another fun wedding day touch–Mad Libs RSVP cards!

Carrie’s mother always imagined her riding in to her wedding on a horse, I have to say it was the perfect fairy tale touch! (Carrie is a huge Disney fan!)

wedding ceremony planting a tree

Instead of doing a unity candle, Carrie & Austin planted a tree during their ceremony!

Rock, paper, scissors for the kiss!

Carrie’s bouquet contained a page from her grandmother’s Bible

Bride and groom with pinwheels

I so love their expressions in this image, it’s probably one of my favorites from the whole day!

Congratulations again, Carrie and Austin! Looking back through these images has made me so thankful again that we got to be there to celebrate with you all 🙂 I hope you are having tons of amazing adventures in Seattle, hopefully we can come visit some time and meet your adorable puppy! Love you guys!

Thanks to all you out there who read this, and check back later this week for some more Kentucky weddings!

Happy Monday!

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  1. I work with Joy, Austin’s Mother. I love these pictures. What a beautiful bride and groom! Congratulations Austin and Carrie!

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