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One of my favorite bands right now is Switchfoot (fronted by Jon Foreman). I have to thank Chris Scott for this because I attended a concert with him a few weeks ago that blew my mind! Best part: I like them because I am genuinely inspired by their music and not just because Chris likes them. You see, I began realizing last year that a lot of the music I listened to was just because it was what people told me I should like. And I’ve been trying to listen to my gut and figure out what music I really like for me. Anyway…Switchfoot has a song entitled Dare You to Move and I would like to share the inspiring message I got out of it if that’s ok with you guys. 🙂

The first verse paints a picture of a planet. Fully populated with what we can assume are humans 🙂 (or maybe wookies). Seems normal. But something new is about to happen…You. You’ve just arrived into existence and they’ve all been waiting for you.

Now you’re here. You arrived. All wookie eyes are on you. What happens next?

 I Dare You to Move.

Wow. That’s powerful right? So incredible.

But wait there’s more!!

The next verse…

Welcome to the fallout. Welcome to resistance. The tension is here. Tension is here between who you are and who you could be… Between how it is and how it should be. I dare you to move.

You’re different. Let’s go ahead and say it… this world is full of wookies.
You’re a human that just came into a world of wookies (WTF? What am I talking about?).

Nobody likes or cares what you have to say–you’re different and the wookies don’t like it!

So, Jon Foreman is telling both sides of the story.

Part 1
You arrive. You move. You take the first step. It’s hard and it’s scary. You have absolutely no idea what going to happen.

Part 2
You will meet resistance. No one really wants to hear about this part. Change is scary and people don’t like it. If you start to do something different be prepared meet resistance.

Can you feel the tension? It’s between who you are, and who others have told you you should be. It’s between how things are, and how others say they should be. The tension is good. It means you’re on to something big. It means you’re trusting yourself and standing firm in what you know and believe.

Can you feel it?

What happens next?

I dare you to move.

Don’t let anyone drown out your voice. Trust your gut. Move.

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Have a great day everyone!




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