Adventure Wedding Photographers | Lindsay & Taylor’s Cabin Wedding Ceremony

Adventure Wedding Photographers | Lindsay & Taylor’s Cabin Wedding Ceremony

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

We are just so excited to share these images from Lindsay and Taylor’s intimate family wedding ceremony with you all today. Lindsay and Taylor are exceptional humans, who we have so enjoyed getting to know throughout their wedding celebrations. They are so thoughtful and so intentional, and everything they planned was extremely meaningful. This ceremony was actually the first of two (well, technically 3!) ceremonies (more from the second day coming to the blog next week! UPDATE: See their day two celebrations here!). Lindsay and Taylor initially wanted to elope, but also wanted family to be able to experience the big wedding day. So they found a cabin in middle Tennessee, and on a Sunday morning, were joined by family and a few close friends to officially mark the beginning of their marriage. Lindsay wore a beautiful blush vintage gown, and a bracelet that has been worn for generations by women in her family on their wedding days. After the ceremony, they shared a champagne toast (or maybe more of a mimosa toast!) before giving gifts to celebrate their families coming together, then they prepared a delicious meal for everyone! During lunch, they also celebrated Taylor’s birthday (which was a few days ago–so be sure to wish him a happy birthday!). It truly was perfect.

Taylor and Lindsay wanted the day to feel thoughtful, and they put a lot of time into planning the ceremony with the help of their close friend Stijn from Belgium, who officiated the ceremonies both days. It was so beautifully personal to them, and I have about a million favorite parts. But I’m going to let the images do the rest of the talking for this incredibly joy-filled day!

cabin elopement

Bride hugging friend

Mom helping bride into vintage dress

Vintage blush wedding gown

Family heirloom bracelet

Mom and bride laughing

Adventure box

Bride hugging dad

Bride with dad

Bride and dad during wedding ceremony

Intimate outdoor wedding ceremony

Holding hands

Personalized vows

Vow book

Groom looking at bride

Brides parents during ceremony

Bride looking at groom

Wedding ceremony laughing

Wedding ceremony crying

Emotional wedding ceremony

Bride and groom laughing

Letters for bride and groom

Outdoor family wedding ceremony

First kiss outdoor ceremony

Adventure wedding photographers

Groom hugging mom

Bride laughing with new sister

Bride and groom with dogs

Vintage blush wedding dress

Nashville wedding photographers

Couple walking on gravel road

Opening bottle of champagne

Just married toast

Toasting with family

Toasting with family and friends

Personalized vow book

Gifts for wedding guests

Honoring family on wedding day

Bride hugging mom


Sisters opening gifts

Parents opening gifts

Destination wedding photographers

Unique wedding photos

Wedding photos with movement

Book lover wedding

Could there be a more perfect room for two people who love books as much as Lindsay and Taylor?!

Bride wearing family bracelet

Wedding ring inscription

Bride and groom cooking

Bride preparing salad

Ring box

Groom cooking potatoes

Wedding guests mingling

Mom laughing

Bride and groom in kitchen

Cooking wedding photos

Outdoor wedding lunch

Cake and Jeni's Ice Cream

Happy birthday wedding

Blowing out candles

Bride laughing

Bride and groom dancing

Lindsay and Taylor–Congratulations, and thank you so much for inviting us to be a part of and document the memories of this day for you! We are so happy for you guys, and loved every second of it!

Stay tuned: we’ll be sharing more from the second half of their celebrations at The Cordelle late next week, and I can promise you that it’s out of this world! We can’t wait to share!

Thank you all for stopping by the blog, and we hope you have a wonderful and adventure-filled rest of the week!




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