When a couple comes to us knowing not one, but two of our past couples, we know they are going to be awesome! That is definitely the case with Allison and Daniel! Allison and Daniel met while Daniel was living in Atlanta, and Allison was in Nashville, but they are both from TN originally. These two have so much fun together, and I love how they laugh with each other. They spent several years living in downtown Nashville, so that was a great fit for their engagement session, and we also incorporated some nature and fall color. We were worried that we had missed out on the fall color with waiting until the end of November, but it ended up being the most perfect day, weather, and color! And for the cherry on top, we even got to have their dog, Buddy, along for photos (and special thank you to Allison’s brother for helping out with Buddy during the session!).

On to some of our favorites!!

Allison and Daniel–Congratulations! We had a great time with you two, and can’t wait to document all your fun wedding celebrations next year!!

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Hello, everyone!

When a big part of your relationship has been spent outdoors, hiking and adventuring together, of course it has to be part of your engagement session! Rachel and Will, who met when they were both College of Ag students at UT, love hiking and exploring waterfalls and fly fishing together. So when it came time to plan their adventure engagement session, we knew it had to incorporate nature! We had a beautiful day with the last of the fall color, and ended up out at Stone Door, which totally delivered with a waterfall, a great hike, and some INCREDIBLE views and cliff faces, as well as the Stone Door itself! Such an epic day. These two have so much fun together, and are so sweet. Not to mention, definitely braver than me for going out on a ledge for some awesome images ๐Ÿ˜‰ haha!

On to some of our favorites from the day!


Rachel and Will–Congratulations again! Thanks so much for adventuring with us, and for being so willing to go out on a ledge ย ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย You all are awesome, and we can’t wait for your wedding in May!

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Wedding (and engagement!) photos document the start of your story–the beginning of an adventure of two people deciding to do life together. It’s amazing! But your story doesn’t end when the reception ends. So, we were so excited when Jessica and Eric reached out to us about an anniversary session! We photographed their engagement session in NYC and their wedding at CJ’s off the Square in 2014, and have kept in touch through their various adventures since then. They were planning a move back closer to family in Indiana, and wanted to document their home in Garden City on Long Island, as well as their love for Manhattan. These times of transition are the perfect time to document, and really brings to light the things you want to remember about this time in your lives. While we love documenting all parts of your story, these anniversary sessions have such a special place in our hearts!

So we started off in Garden City with their bulldog, Molly, who has joined the family since we last photographed them (RIP, Sarge, who was a big part of their wedding <3 ). We explored their favorite street, and took pictures around their building (favorite!), and with Sarge’s tree. Then we headed into Manhattan! As Jessica and I were planning the session together, one thing that kept coming up was the magic of being in the city. There’s a certain something that just makes it feel like a once in a lifetime, special kind of place. We came up with a loose outline of places to hit (heavily featuring Central Park–since we hit tons of iconic places for their engagement session!), and wanted to leave room for the unexpected. We ended up hitting Central Park just in time for the most stunning fall sunset and light that was truly magical. I love how even though it was crowded, these two only had eyes for each other. I love the contrast between these photos and their engagement photos, and how you can sense how the depth of their connection has grown over the years. So beautiful! From there, we hit up Laduree for some macarons (their city tradition!), then headed to the Met before taking the LIRR back to Garden City.

Check out the adventure:

Jessica and Eric: You two are amazing humans, and we have been honored to continue to document your story. It’s incredible to watch you grow together and see you chase your dreams. We can’t wait to see where life takes you next! Much love to you both!

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A few months ago, I got an email from Katie, who had seen our blog post from a surprise vow renewal we had attended and took some photos of for some dear friends of ours. Katie and her husband Matt were planning a trip to Colorado to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary, and she was looking for some ideas for planning a surprise vow renewal. I was super excited, and we began exchanging emails, and ended up coming up with a plan and with Katie deciding to have us come out and photograph it! Her excitement was so contagious, and it was so sweet to see how excited she was for this trip with Matt!

Katie wanted to meet for hiking photos (and pretend THAT was the surprise), then go to another location where we would meet up with their officiant for the surprise vow renewal. Part of their trip was planned for Boulder, so we found a great hiking trail just outside Boulder (starting at the Centennial Trailhead), which had a lot of variety and some gorgeous light! Then we headed over to Chautauqua Park (and met up with their friend-of-a-friend, Dan, who officiated the vow renewal!), for their vow renewal to take place in front of the iconic Flatirons of Boulder. Even though Matt had figured out the surprise earlier in the day, it was a really sweet and special time. From a blind date to ten years of marriage and a few adorable kiddos, these two have clearly grown together, and just from the short amount of time we spent with them, their love is truly inspiring!

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Katie and Matt: Congratulations on 10 years of a beautiful marriage, and cheers to many, many, many more! Thanks so much for adventuring and sharing your story with us!

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