Today seems like another good day for a personal post! I can’t believe it’s been two years since we were sitting at our kitchen table making plans for our upcoming adventure to Scotland and Iceland! I’ve been wanting to share these photos forever, but as I’ve discovered with personal photos, if we don’t get to it right away, it’s so hard to make the time to come back to them. But today is the day! So a little bit of throwback Thursday with our adventures in Scotland on the blog today. We took literally thousands of photos, so trying to bring that down to a reasonable number and get just a little snippet to share with you all was a daunting task!
Everything about this trip was completely and overwhelmingly amazing. Scotland is such a magical country! A little bit of real talk haha: this was our first trip overseas and my nerves and stress levels were absolutely through the roof! I didn’t want to miss anything, and I wanted to do the trip right (and also jetlag is killer!!)! We got off to a bumpy start with running into a curb while trying to drive on the “wrong” side of the road in the tiny streets of Edinburgh, destroying our tire and hubcap of our rental car. But after getting a replacement, it was on! We loved exploring the streets of Edinburgh (and the view of the castle from our AirBnB!) and hiking Arthur’s Seat (where the light was the thing dreams are made of). After a couple days in the city, we headed north, with a stop in St. Andrews and Anstruther on the way.
The relaxation we felt immediately upon entering St. Andrews was incredible. Such a slower pace than Edinburgh, and so, so needed. This sweet city by the sea is absolutely gorgeous. Then it was on to Anstruther for what I’m told is the best fish and chips anywhere (not being a fish person, I couldn’t tell you, but Chris definitely loved it!)! Then it was up through the Cairngorms to a farm outside of Inverness, our home base for our explorations for the next several days.
Going through all the photos again just really strikes me how much the landscape varies throughout the country, and how stunning it all is. We put 1500+ miles on our rental car, so we saw a LOT of it, and it was almost hard to take in (even now, through the photos!). From the city of Edinburgh to the rolling hills leading to St. Andrews by the sea, through the Cairngorm mountains, to Loch Ness, and the wildness of the glens. The mountains of Glencoe, and the castles and the sheep and the towns. And Isle of Skye seemed to pretty much have all of it in one place!
I first visited Scotland with my family when I was in 5th grade, and my dad was there for a business trip. I have such clear memories of the way the sun shines over the hills (I’m telling you, it’s dream light!), and visiting Edinburgh castle. We did a lot of driving on that trip too, but as a 10 year old, the idea that the journey IS the destination was a little lost on me 😉  haha! It was also site of some of my earliest photography memories. I remember just blowing throw rolls of film in my little point and shoot, until my parents had to stop me before I used too much film haha. Getting to return with Chris and explore together was everything I dreamed it would be, and we cannot wait to go back, and dig in even more. Get to know the country even deeper, instead of taking just such a broad overview. Hike in the mountains, sit in the cafes a little longer.
I think the biggest lesson from this trip is something I’ve learned while looking back. Even though there were a lot of times I was stressed out to the extreme during this trip, it was still amazing, and it didn’t hold us back. Instead, it lead to an incredible amount of growth. The kind that can only come from getting outside of your comfort zone and trying something new. The differences I see in us between this trip and between our trip to Paris a few months ago is incredible, and just makes me so excited to see how we continue to grow and change through life and adventures together  <3
So for now, we’ll share just a few of our favorites from the trip, and hope it inspires you to take your own adventure! Images are a mix of digital camera, iPhone, and film.

This cafe was just downstairs from our Edinburgh AirBnB. Crucial for jetlag recovery!

Photo regret: While Chris was eating his fish and chips, there was a group of people who asked to take a photo for them. They were actually from the states, and we had a great chat with them. There was an older Scottish gentleman that I so wish I had asked if I could take his portrait! His white beard and sparkling eyes and very sailing looking jacket and cap was so perfect for the setting. I can still picture him exactly!

The farm where our AirBnB was outside of Inverness. Best. Ever. I still check occasionally to make sure it’s still listed, because we cannot wait to go back!

We also made some new friends via Instagram, who were kind enough to take a chance that we weren’t stalkers, and agreed to do an adventure session with us! They are the best and we love still keeping in touch via Facebook and Instagram!

Loch Ness.

Where Chris stuck his face in. He survived from Nessie…this time 😉

Road trip snacks!

We hiked back to see this bridge, where they filmed the train scenes and also the lake scenes from the Harry Potter movies, the Glenfinnan viaduct. Shortly after getting started on the trail, it started to pour rain, and then hail! We were laughing hysterically as we tried to get our camera gear into the dry safety of Chris’s bag, then get our rain gear out and get ourselves covered. It was so invigorating and probably one of my favorite parts of the trip!

Going back and hiking this spot at Old Man of Storr is absolutely at the top of my must do list!

Another favorite part of the trip. Sunset at Kilt Rock, with the most unbelievable light!

Happy adventuring, everyone!!

We are so honored to find out this week that we have been chosen as one of the best Nashville wedding photographers (as voted by other vendors) for 2017 on Borrowed & Blue!

From Borrowed & Blue:


A Best of B&B award is the equivalent of a Michelin star in the wedding world: it identifies only the most talented, well-respected vendors in all of Nashville. How do we know? The winners have been chosen by Nashville vendors themselves. It’s a royal feast of planning insight: know-how taken from those in the know. So check out the medal winners (including special categories like Rising Star and Most Valuable Vendor) to find out the most exceptional wedding whizzes from the past calendar year.

Scrolling through all the winners just gives me so many warm and fuzzy feelings–so many of our very favorite Nashville vendors are included! Makes it even more special to be amongst such great company. Congratulations to all the winners, and many thanks to everyone who voted for us!

Check out the full list of Nashville winners here!

Happy Friday, everyone! If you’re recently engaged (congratulations!) and looking for a wedding photographer for your upcoming wedding, we’d love to talk more with you! You can contact us at, or through the contact form here on the blog, or via our website! We can’t wait to hear more about what you’re planning, and more about your favorite adventures!

Happy New Year, everyone!

We hope you all are having a great start to 2017! After some much needed rest over the holidays, we’re excited to be back to planning for a new year, and can’t wait for all the fantastic weddings we get to document this year! We also wanted to go back and share a few engagement sessions from the second half of 2016 that hadn’t made it to the blog yet.

We actually call our engagement sessions “This is Us” sessions, because we believe that this time in your life is worth remembering. We want you to look at your photos and remember what it is you love during this time period of being engaged, and what life looked like then. It can be a vulnerable thing to open up a part of your life and have it documented, but we believe the pay off is SO worth it! There’s something special that happens when you are willing to step outside your comfort zone, whether that’s opening up your lives or climbing a mountain. It strengthens you as a couple, and it allows us to document and create images that are unique especially to you. You deserve more than the run of the mill, “let’s get the engagement session checked off the to do list” photos! And you deserve photos that are unique to you, that allow you to see them and say “this is us,” and remember what a sweet time being engaged has been!

Missy and Nathan are awesome, and we are so excited for their wedding at Graystone Quarry later this year! We loved getting to photograph them at their home in East Nashville with their sweet pup, then we headed out to explore around the Quarry and do a little bit of dreaming for their wedding day. I absolutely love that these two were all up for climbing up the cliffs for some epic images!

Congratulations again, Missy & Nathan! We can’t wait to celebrate with you all soon!

Thank you all for stopping by the blog! Looking to have your own This is Us session, or looking for someone to document your wedding day? We’d love to talk more with you! Contact us at, or through the contact form on the blog or through our website and introduce yourselves!

Happy Friday, everyone!

Happy Friday, everyone!

How about a fall wedding with tons of love and joy to kick of your weekend? We’re so excited to share some favorites from Kate and Mike’s Belle Meade Plantation wedding at the end of October! We had the best time getting to know Kate and Mike through their wedding planning process, and I love the way they just can’t stop smiling when they are with each other. These two are so truly full of joy, and have so much love for each other and for the friends and family, who they were just SO excited to celebrate with on their wedding day!

Kate and Mike met really because of an ice storm. An ice storm kept Kate from going on a trip she had planned, and so while she was stuck at home, she decided just for fun to check out the Tinder app, just to see what the big deal was. Mike was one of the first people who popped up for her, and once the weather cleared, they met for a drink and spent hours together. Once Mike met Kate’s dog Olivia (she approved!), the rest was history! Their wedding day was such a wonderful celebration. Kate’s uncle officiated the ceremony, and one thing he said really stuck with me. He said to always hold on to the cabin. Kate and Mike live in an awesome and peaceful cabin that we got to see during their engagement session, but he went on to say that no matter what the physical place looks like, that we should always keep a place where we can focus on each other, away from the distractions of social media, work, etc. A place to stay connected. And I just thought that was really beautiful.

Their heartfelt ceremony was of course followed up by an incredible party in the crisp fall evening, and could not have been more perfect!

On to some of our favorite images of the day!



























































Congratulations, Kate and Mike! We are so happy for you all, and thank you so much for having us along to document the adventures of your engagement and wedding day! Your wedding was the perfect way to close out our 2016 wedding season–so full of joy from every angle! Hope you had an INCREDIBLE time in Paris!

Big thanks to everyone who helped make it such a beautiful and perfect day, including: Coordination/Styling/Floral Design: Big Events, Inc. | Venue: Belle Meade Plantation | Cake: Dessert Designs | Catering: G Catering and Events | Bride’s Dress: Modern Trousseau | Tuxes: Street Tuxedo | Bridesmaid Dresses: Bella Bridesmaid | Hair and Makeup: Parlour 3 | Jeweler: Walton’s Antique Jewelry | Invitations: You’re Invited | Reception Music: Music City Sound

Thank you all for stopping by the blog, and hope your weekend is full of adventure!